Saturday, November 27, 2010

How Important Is Being Friendly

During a recent discussion my friend told that “In order to deal with clients and offer them good service a person needs to love people” It is a key trait! Probably it is the one which allows us to care about people’s needs, about their comfort and feelings.
Jeffrey Gitomer (http://www.gitomer.com/) in one of his video series points up how important is being friendly. He states that success is directly related to the “desire to be nice to others”
Indeed, being friendly is one of the elements which does not cost money, but brings a huge value. Sometimes a genuine smile and real interest in people we meet makes their day better… And, moreover people tend to return to places where they feel good!


  1. i think that sentiments and feelings cannot really be counted on in order to successfully run a business. usually, knowing that sales will generate additional income to the salesperson works wonder as far as the love for the customer goes ;-)

  2. BashTheMSm, additional income is deffinetly a good motivation for the salesperson offer good srvice and make the deal! At the same time the customer may easily recognise if he or she is seen just as a cash mashine. I guess that the true willingnes to be helpful always makes the purchase experience for the client more pleasent :)
    P.S. thank you for the suggestion of writing about motivation factors of sales people.

  3. I do agree w/ u sir...

    Being friendly is not only useful in real business but also in home management and neighborhood because it will make them comfortable.