Thursday, November 11, 2010

A little bit of statistics: 2010 Customer Experience Impact Report

Recently there was done a research in USA. Its’ purpose was to find out how does the customer service impacts the customer’s decisions, attitudes and behaviors. The results are shown in the presentation bellow. Amazing numbers!

As Kate Zabriskie said: “Although your customers won’t love you if you give bad service, your competitors will!”


  1. The truth of every day life! You never know where you could find a quality customer service, or meet a quality rudeness and negligence. in the worst case, you remain with a deep resentment and a strong desire to send all that staff to the school and announce EVERYBODY never to visit that firm/shop/company...
    Thanks to the dear blogger for sympathetic presentation

    (Petrici A ;) )

  2. Thank you, divchina, for the support! It is a pleasure for me to share this information.
    The desire to announce everybody never to visit a place with bad customer service- is probably the feeling familiar to everybody.
    I wonder how many clients decide to avoid a company's service or product just because of negative opinion of their friends...
    At the same time what is the level of additional revenue which comes from recomendations satisfied clients share to their network...

  3. Sincerely, I've never insisted on sharing that kind of information, I mean about not that good service...at least that's a negative info and you never know whether that person likes hearing about it or not. Sometimes I have made just a gentle hint about a poor customer service.
    Referring to the revenue, I dont know any statistics, probably the variation is not that big.
    Let's hope and make possible the growing of the culture of customer service...everywhere!

  4. I am not sure if even 20 percent of the population in Poland is ready to pay an extra several percent for a proper service, but still.

    I had a case yesterday. I was quite busy during the week and couldn't find time to exchange currency and then deposit money on my account.

    Early in the morning I was minding my business, and when I was next to the place where the "above average" rates are usually offered, I decided to drop the anchor there and make a transaction. It is not a small Kantor, though it is a very respectful place, but I am not going to vent my anger and give the address.

    The place was opened, the lights were on, everything looked like they were ready to give me required services. When I came up to the window, greeted a young lady, she rose from her chair and left, not saying a word, I called her, she turned around and said "Don't you see here, there is still time before we will open the branch". Believe me, there was no information about opening hours on the door, on the wall, just a very-very small note in the size of a visit card from the other side of her post's window, hidden behind the box filled with small papers, pen and calculator.

    It was an unpleasant feeling, especially when just two minutes after the exchange rate dropped by several bips... I guess, they would save the client if she reacted on my “Good morning” in a polite manner.

    The tag is simple, as my uncle said - "fire an irresponsible employee immediately, because looser is a looser". He said it after one of his former workers burned the office of his transportation company by forgetting to switch off the oven, which he, as an employee who has a mid-day break from 1 pm to 2 pm, has never been entitled to use.

  5. Thank you very much for the comment Aliaksandr. Already in several comments it was mentioned that that clients attitude regarding the way they are treated, depends on the country where they live.

    It is amazing how employees may simply ignore their clients whereas a simple "good morning" could save the firm from loosing a customer.
    What do you thing of starting a separate page where you could share your experiences about the customer service you've been offered? Hopefully there will also be many positive stories! I am sure that we all know firms that do great job in terms of customer service.

  6. :)

    I promise to share all the most exciting stories about my customer experience.

    Actually your comment left me with a thought- what is the price of "a simple good morning"? Right, zero money units! :) And it is so important...

    We all have to think and act in a moral and polite way. You must remember a senior cloakroom attendant at Kozminski, a grandfather with some motor disabilities. He is so nice to me every time he sees me at the University. Once I met him outside the school. He was looking at me and guessing if I would greet him or not. Of course, I did it, because I always try to keep stick to my principles and behave in a way that makes people sleep well at night. He was actually so surprised. He stood and took his hat off to greet me in return. :) Now I always receive a first class treatment when I see him at school in the cloakroom.

    All in all, it is extremely important to respect other people... And there is no explanation to some customer service members who don't understand that their wealth and career prospects are so dependent on the way they approach to the customers...

  7. Thank you Aliaksandr! I posted your comment on a separate page of the blog "Experience" :) Hope the "experience" collection will be grow as a place where everybody may share their Customer service stories.