Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who is the VIP

When we talk about customer service usually we mean the way we treat our clients.
However there is another group of interest… And these are our internal customers, those include our partners, suppliers and of course our employees.
Probably employees are those who should be serviced by the company as VIPs.  This demands from managers high efforts but the payoff is huge. In order to shine employees should be proud to be a member of their team and represent their company. They should be offered strong support and right incentives.
For sure internal motivation is stronger than the external one. But the first may not survive long if it is not pushed up by the second one. Managers should create such conditions in that employees enjoy coming to work, devoting their energy and doing their best.
The people who form the sales team have the biggest contact with clients. They are the frontline and they have the strongest impact upon the impression the client has about the whole company…An unhappy person will hardly be able to deliver high quality service.  That is why firms should care about employees’ feeling at work.
The way we treat employees has a direct impact on the quality of service the customer receives. An analogy may be done with the way children are taught: when we ask a child to be kind and polite, the best way to send the message is to show a personal example.  The type of behavior the manager promotes is mirrored by the team and is reflected upon external clients. I believe that employees who are happy will send their energy to their clients.
What do you think is the impact of the mood and feelings of the sales people upon the quality of the service which clients experience?


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  2. I share you opinion, but not entirely.

    The best way to explain my opinion is to look at a perfect proper pyramid that displays the span of responsibilities inside a company:


    The managers are on the very bottom, while the employees are taking the positions in sells upwards in accordance to their power of authority in a company. The clients (not only the guys who actually order and pay for a product and service, but suppliers, shareholders and stakeholders) are resting on the very-very top. My idea, yes, executives have to serve for the employees and clients, and not the other way around. But whether I will agree to give the title of VIP to employees, I am not sure. No clients, no customers... In turn, among the big pals from the top of the company and employees, logically, employees are the VIPs. :)

    Note: I haven't devised this concept, just met it somewhere a long time ago.

  3. Very nice way of representing the hierarchy in the firm. Sometimes it is enough to look at things slighly different... Absolutely agree that executives are in their place for the purpose of serving their "clients".