Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Customer service in unusual conditions

It is said that we should learn from mistakes. And apparently the easiest way is to learn from mistakes we make ourselves, because they are more painful and lesson is more memorable.... However this rule does not work every time.

The idea to this post came when I saw the people blocked in European airports. Same as every year,
suddenly it snowed in winter!.... The airports are paralysed.

Such situation itself causes a high level of frustration, as people's plans are destroyed. But the frustration grows due to lack of information: "You ask one person and get an answer. When you ask another person the same question you get a different answer" one of the traveler says.

Weather conditions created  a "crisis" which the airline companies are not guilty of. However they are responsible and obliged to support their clients.
When everybody is in equal negative conditions it is high time for companies to show their attitude and care for customers. It is a chance for companies to surprise their clients in a nice way, by offering some additional service which is not included in the normal price, because....we are not in a normal situation.

The way companies deals in critical situations shows how they may adjust to changing reality.
Clients will strongly appreciate if they see that the company bring all it efforts to find the best possible solution. And it will result in greater trust in the company as well as greater attachment to it. Customers tend to associate with companies they may rely on.

I wish firms consider unusual scenarios as a great opportunity to demonstrate their top customer service skills, and strengthen the links with existing clients.