Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Because we like presents…

Everybody likes presents. Companies who implement loyalty programs usually prepare presents or some special offers for their clients. It happens on standard occasions, such as birthday, Christmas, professional holidays etc.
Usually this presents are anticipated, and that’s why clients treat is as normal to get some special attention. ..
A much bigger effect create unexpected gifts- surprises!
It is so great to get some present, just because “you are a good client”, “we want to give you something special”. This is a surprise- and that’s why generates much stronger emotions.
Take care of your clients whenever you have a chance- surprise them!
Don’t wait for special occasions- just make yours:“this is the 4th time you visit our shop”, “The first Wednesday of the spring!” “You are the client number X who bought this service”, etc…
Do not wait for common tradition, when you can create yours. This will be a part of your business culture.