Monday, April 18, 2011

Thank you for great service!

As clients we always expect a good approach, attention, and professional help. However we know this is not a must. This knowledge is based on our past experience. Often we remember negative incidents much stronger, and recall them easier.
With this baggage of awareness we come into a shop, a service company, a restaurant, etc… and we are astonished… because we get extraordinary service! It feels good… and customers may be very grateful for this experience!
My friend shares her experience of working in service sector:
“...Everybody likes to get attention from those to whom we devote our time. In a natural way client expects attention from a manager, and vice a versa… if the managers' work deservers clients’ praise- nobody will refuse it.
Chocolates, pens, souvenirs, greeting cards with “thank you” words- all these are well known to professionals in service industry. My small but very nice experience as a restaurant hall manager also had such pleasant moments.
The most important in this job was the opportunity to meet new people and make friends. The most striking example comes to my mind...
Once a nice couple from Russia, who already became our regular clients (which is basically the most anticipated form of praise and gratitude), asked me for advice in the choice of excursions, agencies or tour guides in the area where restaurant was (a small prestigious resort in Croatia).
It was just the beginning of my work there, and I even did not know whom to recommend. So, I called my friends, Russian speaking tour guides, who have lived in those places and asked to help me. It turned out that they were the best guides for the day on the coast.
A bit of randomness, some of my personal time, and extra effort: in exchange- an infinite number of gratitude words from clients.
Besides the fact that these people remained our regular customers, they loved those places even more and came every year, always bringing to me and the restaurant owners gifts, never forgetting to praise me to extremes. Moreover they became my and the tour guides friends, which is especially valuable.
But the greatest gift from them was a trip to the mountains. It gave me the opportunity to relax, explore the country and see its beauty…
Sunset in the mountains was so beautiful, and atmosphere so friendly-that these memories will be alive for long time.

In my opinion this kind of gifts and attention from our customers, in gratitude for our efforts, are a particularly strong motivation for performance and over-performance of our duties"
I am sure that each of us experienced an outstanding customer service. How do you express your appreciation?