Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dealing with complaints

Some 2 weeks ago I had for the first time the nice experience to write a complaint. The heel of my new shoes broke in 2 not very attractive pieces J  No doubts I was very disappointed…
So… I went to the shop: guessing what explanation would the shop assistant try to find to reject the complaint (unfortunately there are so many stories when companies just don’t accept their products back- affirming that they were used improperly…)
And here comes the nice surprise: the shop assistant carefully looks at the shoe and says:
“Oooh, I see you also have the leather a bit damaged here” … and he shows me a one millimeter scratch on the other shoe J
Great trick which made me laugh!
I guess I could accept this defect if the heel would be a whole piece
In a minute the assistant wrote the description of the problem took my phone number and asked me to wait patiently for the decision whether the shoes would be changed or repaired…
That’s it! 10 minutes and excellent mood when leaving the shop.
Many thanks for such a professional behavior. I guess the policy of the company could serve a great example:
1.      The assistant accepted that such unpleasant situation may rarely but happen
2.      The assistant made me laugh and totally left no chance for frustration to be part of our talk
3.      The  assistant assured that the problem will be solved… and suggested two possible solutions
4.      The assistant gave me a deadline when should I expect a call from the company
So simple…. It is extremely important to be kind to the customers, help them and positively surprise when they come ready to face some problems….
Astonish them with your solution, and be sure they will come back… No more stress- just satisfaction!