Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Because they love it

I am really impressed how much people are willing to devote their Free Time to others.
Just because they want to help, just because they want to leave a good impression….
Simply because you are a tourist, and they want you to remember them as wonderful, outgoing people.  Even if they know, that most probably we will not meet again.
Recently while walking with a friend around the city of Ghent, Belgium we noticed an interesting building. When we approached the door, saw a sign: open from 13.00. I looked at the watch –it was around 12.00….
I just started thinking “Pity…” when a man came to the door, opened it and told:  “We are closed now…. But you can come in! - I will show you the place”

 -In Middle Ages the building was a hospital, and now functioned as a Concert Hall. The person told us the story of the building and showed the backstage- wonderful impression! I probably would not have a chance to know it, if not the inspiring guide.
We left the building with the concert programme for the coming year in hands…  I am sure that will visit this place again, already as spectators.
A huge “Thank you!” to all those people who love and feel attached to the place where they work! Thank you for giving us a chance to learn and for sharing you passions!