Monday, October 31, 2011

Don’t close the door in front of a friend

We use to say/hear: client is our boss- meaning that we “have to” serve him/her… It’s our job, our duty.  It is not fun, just routine.
Why not change this attitude?
Why not treat your client as your friend or guest? We treat them in the best way because:
·         We like our friends
·         We want to have a nice time together
·         And afterwards we want to share beautiful memories.
Offer this feeling to your customer as well.  
Do not close your door in front of the customer.
If your working day ends in 5 minutes, and you see a new customer coming in
 “Sorry we are closing” is not the right thing to say (this is not friendly). This is not what they expect and wish to hear.
Clients came to you for a purpose- they need your help, advice/product, service. They count on your support, and chose you out of all the competition.
So, why not being grateful for their choice?  Why not offer the help they need? Why not make a difference?
 Yes, stay longer, work harder, and deliver more than “in the job contract”. 
This way you show you are there especially for them. Yes, you deserve their trust. They can rely on you …. You are on the right path to become Friends.
Because you like them, and you care, you want them to feel good, and to come back.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Deliver Wow through Service

Zappos is an online shop, famous for its customer service, for its transparency and open communication. Zappos acts, grows and develops based on 10 Core Values
And the first one of them is Deliver Wow through Service.
“You must do something that's above and beyond what's expected. And whatever you do must have an emotional impact on the receiver”
This attitude pays off incredibly: Any WOW service results in word of mouth, increased credibility and loyalty!
In this short video the Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh, shares one of the elements of delivering great customer service
Amazing… Sometimes it is worth doing things against the general trend.
While most of the companies focus on “optimisation”, cutting costs (cutting clients) and standardisation, Zappos chooses the opposite way:  We don’t measure call time, trying to get customers off the phone in the name of efficiency”
How often it happens to call “customer service” and listen to a machine for 5 minutes telling us which buttons to press?…. And if we are Lucky… probably get connected to a Person.
And then we listen to a standard set of “advice” feeling that the primary goal of the person on the other end is to finish the conversation fast and record one more issue “solved”.

So glad to know that somebody makes it differently!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A bit different

Customers’ experience is greatly influenced by the small things and details companies offer.

Hairsalon Ch'veux

We all go shopping; go out to spend our free time to different places. But usually we prefer Some places and go there more frequently – because they have something special.
A new beauty salon was opened in Ghent. One of the many… but a bit different!
Yes, it has a modern design, comfortable furniture, many decoration attributes-just as many others do.
…And something more…  It has a bar- the place is specially designed for the partners of the clients. While She gets ready to start a new day beautiful, HE can enjoy a hot cup of coffee with croissants, and read a newspaper.
He does not have to wait outside- he is also the client of the salon!
When designing you offer: think how it integrates in the life of your customer.  It would be highly appreciated. They will feel you care…