Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A bit different

Customers’ experience is greatly influenced by the small things and details companies offer.

Hairsalon Ch'veux

We all go shopping; go out to spend our free time to different places. But usually we prefer Some places and go there more frequently – because they have something special.
A new beauty salon was opened in Ghent. One of the many… but a bit different!
Yes, it has a modern design, comfortable furniture, many decoration attributes-just as many others do.
…And something more…  It has a bar- the place is specially designed for the partners of the clients. While She gets ready to start a new day beautiful, HE can enjoy a hot cup of coffee with croissants, and read a newspaper.
He does not have to wait outside- he is also the client of the salon!
When designing you offer: think how it integrates in the life of your customer.  It would be highly appreciated. They will feel you care…

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