Monday, October 24, 2011

Deliver Wow through Service

Zappos is an online shop, famous for its customer service, for its transparency and open communication. Zappos acts, grows and develops based on 10 Core Values
And the first one of them is Deliver Wow through Service.
“You must do something that's above and beyond what's expected. And whatever you do must have an emotional impact on the receiver”
This attitude pays off incredibly: Any WOW service results in word of mouth, increased credibility and loyalty!
In this short video the Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh, shares one of the elements of delivering great customer service
Amazing… Sometimes it is worth doing things against the general trend.
While most of the companies focus on “optimisation”, cutting costs (cutting clients) and standardisation, Zappos chooses the opposite way:  We don’t measure call time, trying to get customers off the phone in the name of efficiency”
How often it happens to call “customer service” and listen to a machine for 5 minutes telling us which buttons to press?…. And if we are Lucky… probably get connected to a Person.
And then we listen to a standard set of “advice” feeling that the primary goal of the person on the other end is to finish the conversation fast and record one more issue “solved”.

So glad to know that somebody makes it differently!


  1. "While most of the companies focus on “optimisation”, cutting costs (cutting clients) and standardisation, Zappos chooses the opposite way"

    one has to try to understant why some companies choose to "optimize" and insulate themselves from customer complains rather than offer good products and good services. the answer is quite simple, there really is no free market anymore, and therefore there is no competition. when a few big corporate dominate a market, is inevitable the formation of monopolies and then quality goes down the drain and prices shoot up. where a free market still exist together with competition, we can still see companies competing on quality and price rather than on how to enslave customers. ciao :-)

  2. Absolutely true, Liberista! Competition serves to the benefit of the customer. Once given a choice he/she will choose the best offer( value for money) on the market.