Monday, October 31, 2011

Don’t close the door in front of a friend

We use to say/hear: client is our boss- meaning that we “have to” serve him/her… It’s our job, our duty.  It is not fun, just routine.
Why not change this attitude?
Why not treat your client as your friend or guest? We treat them in the best way because:
·         We like our friends
·         We want to have a nice time together
·         And afterwards we want to share beautiful memories.
Offer this feeling to your customer as well.  
Do not close your door in front of the customer.
If your working day ends in 5 minutes, and you see a new customer coming in
 “Sorry we are closing” is not the right thing to say (this is not friendly). This is not what they expect and wish to hear.
Clients came to you for a purpose- they need your help, advice/product, service. They count on your support, and chose you out of all the competition.
So, why not being grateful for their choice?  Why not offer the help they need? Why not make a difference?
 Yes, stay longer, work harder, and deliver more than “in the job contract”. 
This way you show you are there especially for them. Yes, you deserve their trust. They can rely on you …. You are on the right path to become Friends.
Because you like them, and you care, you want them to feel good, and to come back.


  1. This is great Tatiana, easy-to-read yet quite profound. Congratulations and greetings from Mexico!


  2. Thank you, Brian! What about a discussion comparing customer service in Europe and Latin America? You have experienced both- and definitely would have something interesting to share!

  3. Alexandra ShlyopkinaDecember 4, 2011 at 12:21 PM

    Very interesting point of view. I only wish it were true…In reality unfortunately the “job contract” terms are the primary factor identifying the level of service you are going to get. Somehow the developed capitalistic societies, like the country we both reside in, should be a representative of, is not corresponding the main principles of customer satisfaction, while the countries we are originally from, like all the ex-Soviet space, is performing rather well in these terms because of 1) higher competition and as a result a real fight for the customers and their loyalty and 2) cultural peculiarities.
    Personally I totally agree with you – a customer just like any human being independent of his/her social/political/economical status – is a FRIEND to the other human being. However, alas, since ancient Rome most people believe that "homo homoni lupus est"........

  4. Yes, Alexandra! There is definitely a difference in the service offered in different countries. And probably our backgroung also impacts our expectations regarding service :)

    I wish more companies promote the culture of beign friends to customers. It can be achieve via the "job contract", and the most efficient way is probably- managing by example.