Sunday, November 13, 2011

Listen and act (dealing with complaints)

Often we lose a customer without a visible reason. At least we can’t see it.
It happens because we did not make the effort ask the clients for opinion. And they did not bother to tell us. They just decided not to come back.

If your customers took time to complain directly to you …
ü  they want you to become better
ü  they like your company, and do not want “just to leave”
ü  they are asking you to improve, in order to enjoy coming back to you again and again.
So, be grateful- you were given a chance to learn something new and advance.

But if they did not complain to you, it does not mean they are happy. And it does not mean they did not tell their friends about it... In US the percentage of consumers reporting bad customer experience has reached 13 percent, up from 5 percent in 2009. It became so easy, thanks to social media. And the message reaches far more people than ever before.

Look actively for feedback. Search online what opinions customers share about you... And respond: literally- communicate with your clients and report your further actions. Surprisingly very few companies do that: 70% of companies ignore customer complaints on Twitter. So, take your chance and make a difference! Show the customers that their opinion counts and you cannot ignore it. 

Nowadays we have more mediums to communicate with customers. There is no excuse to lose the opportunity to listen and act. Give your customers a reason to come back to you!