Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kind "services" every day

Customer service is automatically associated with business environment.  We think of clients, suppliers, employees, value, profit, loyalty etc.
But in fact we offer services every day to so many people who are not our clients at all. We support  our friends and family;  we help strangers, we advise tourists when they are lost in our city J
And all this we do without expecting anything in return- just because it is our natural instinct to offer “services”. We want and enjoy being helpful, and realising that we made somebody’s day even a little bit better, easier, happier.
We enjoy giving! As we are very close beautiful holidays, and to the beginning of a New Year…. I would like to share with you a video of how each of us, with minimum effort can give to everybody great “services”.

May every day in this and  the New Year be a chance for small acts of kindness.  And I wish you observe the multiplication and boomerang effect!  Apply it and enjoy the “consequences” in whatever environment: professional and personal.