Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cut services to “punish” customers

During the session of Interactive Marketing Steven Van Belleghem  shared a small story:
“Talking about a simple example: car wash. I must admit that once in a while, after I go out of the wash tube, I take a towel to keep the car clean and dry. I make it maybe once out of ten times.
So, one day I had to visit my mother in law, and I had to be prepared… :) To my surprise I go out of the tube and see a message on the wall: “We noticed that some of the clients steal the towels, so we decided to cancel the service ” My first idea was: “Who could ever think of stealing that dirty towels- I even cannot imagine something like this. But apparently it happened sometime.
So the question is why the company focuses on the negative experience with clients in some extremely rare cases and decides to cancel the service for everybody. I use this specific service only 1 out of 10 times, but now I always go to a different car wash.”
It is amazing how companies react, and what steps they take to “save costs” which are caused by unusual clients' behavior (which may be even called rare accidents). But does the “saving” make them win? Somehow, I believe that Steven was not the only customer who moved to other service providers...