Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Transfer service... and a bit more

Madeira is a wonderful place to visit and spend holidays. And what absolutely adds to the experience there are the local people. For many years the main income source on the island is tourism. As a result it has an amazing service culture!

It started with the transfer from airport to the hotel. The professionalism of taxi drivers is impressive. 

One may say that a job of a driver is to safely bring you from point A to point B. And if this service is provided well- you will be fairly satisfied. But who is in charge of deciding on the Job description, roles and responsibilities of a taxi driver? Who creates the standards? Of course the driver may stick to the basic offer, but if will never result in a “Wow reaction”. Why limit yourself to the minimum service if you may go a small but very valuable step for your customer?

There are a huge number of taxi companies in Madeira: most are small/family businesses of 2-5 cars. This means a big competition and a great service!  “Many of them even attended tourism driver and mountain guide courses to better suit your needs!”   If you want to learn about the islands' people, economy, real estate, education, traditions - take a taxi J! A drive may always transform in a learning experience.

Their care and level of foresight is impressive till the last moments spent on Madeira.  On the way to airport the driver asks if we want to stop at a view point to make some last pictures during this visit and say “Good bye” to the island….

Thank you!

What are our roles and responsibilities is up to us. We may either stick to basics or make a difference 

P.S. Just to feel the difference: today I arrived to the Brussels International airport (which is normally full of travellers who visit for the first time) and asked at the Information point how to get to the Microsoft office located in the neighbourhood. The answer was fantastic: “We are not tourist information!!!”    No comments