Monday, June 18, 2012

Customer-Centric Journey

Customer centricity… Almost every business claims to be customer centric. This is one of the terms which almost everybody uses, but very few can tell what does it really mean.

A very good explanation and a tip to find out, how customer centric your company is, has designed Bob Thompson, Founder/Editor-in-Chief of CustomerThink.com. He presents in his article the following pyramid:

Bob Thompson compares the customer centric journey with a mountain, which very few manage to climb till the top.  Here are 4 of the stager of the jorney:

1.      Customer-Focused: "We know our customers and what they buy, and can optimize marketing, sales and customer service activities to generate more revenue and profit for the company."

2.      Customer-Driven: "We regularly get customer feedback, prioritize key issues and work to improve customer satisfaction with the products and services we sell, to minimize customer attrition."
3.      Customer-Engaged: "We focus on a long-term relationship and strive to make an emotional connection with customers, by providing delightful experiences that create advocates."
4.      Customer-Inspired: "We think deeply about what customers are trying to accomplish in their business and personal lives, and create new ways to add value before they ask!"
According to his research 70% of businesses are at the first 2 stages.
Wish more companies recognize the need to go further than just responding to feedback, and succeed to transform interactions with customers into valuable long-term relationships.