Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The person in front of you

While mostly focusing on how we are being treated as clients it is worth looking at our interactions from another side as well. How do we treat the people offering us a service?

Do we take any time and emotional effort to make those who take care of our comfort, to feel appreciated? We rarely know who stays behind the counter. But, there is always an opportunity to change it. All you need is willingness!
For example: Remember that moment when the doorman comes with you to carry your luggage and show the room.  Here we have a choice: either to walk in awkward silence, or take the chance and be interested, ask a question? Do they have a good day, do they like their job, how long do they work in the place?
The effect may be magnificent. You are almost guaranteed a smile. Surprisingly, in most cases the service received will contain a small extra J Just because…Although there are clear rules about the service to be delivered, the human factor is incredibly impactful…Everybody appreciates attention.
Next time, when you have a chance to meet a new person, take a while to learn a bit about them. Everybody has its unique story and ideas. Let’s rush a bit less and try to listen to them.

I wish we are more willing to bring some human touch and sympathy to our interactions. Let’s try!