Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Lost and Found

Case A: In January my parents were on vacations in Czech Republic (Marianske Lazne), and one of the days made a city trip to Prague. It was beautiful and sunny. Only few days later, on the way to Moldova, my mom realised that she lost her sunglasses, and most probably forgot them in the tour-bus.

It took two phone calls to realise that the glasses are indeed in the tourist company and two more to figure out that the company is not able to send them by post to me in Germany, because it costs money. Even though I suggested making a bank transfer to pay the service, the answer was No, because the company did not have such a product category as post deliveries in they offer. ...

Case B: Last week we were to our first mini-holidays with the baby in Obersdorf, Germany. We came back on Friday and realised that we forgot the bottle warmer for the baby food in the hotel. Don't ask me how that happened- it is a pretty big and visible machine :) As it is a simple/cheap device but necessary everyday, we bought a new one the same day. I just started wondering on Tuesday, why we did not get any call from the hotel, when somebody rang the door bell and I saw the post officer holding a box from the hotel :) Thank you!

Sometimes we do not need multiple steps. We like so much sending e-mails and discussing things. But sometimes we need to Just Do It! The action will speak for itself! The parcel was the best way to show us that the hotel cares about its clients. Fast, modest and competent!

And regarding the tourist company- It is worth being careful about your cost, but maybe you are saving on the wrong thing?

Small things make a big difference!

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