Saturday, March 5, 2016

"The new gold standard" book review

Being a full time mom makes you focus almost completely on your baby. The danger is that one might forget even about topics she is excited about.

Probably this is what my husband gave me for the Birthday "The New Gold Standard" book about Ritz-Carlton hotels.

He knew that such an incentive, supported by the comment "This is the book my hiring manager recommended to me as one of the best practical reads about customer service" will not leave me indifferent. And he was striking right. I used every spare moment to read, even if my energy level allowed me just 7 pages before the eyes shamelessly closed to sleep.

Surprisingly such a slow path of reading, with very limited portion of information a time has its benefits:

  • I was highly concentrated into every piece of reading. 
  • It allowed time to analyse the information, during other routine activities. 
  • It made me more agile in connecting some of the concepts from the book with the business cases discussed with Alex, parents, friends starting a new business.

Slow reading seems to be just like slow food. You focus on the details, enjoy the serving, and feel all the nuances of the taste. Slow reading is a luxury.

Do I recommend this book? Absolutely!

It is full of interview fragments with people from every layer of the organisation. It is a pleasure to read the words of people who are proud to be associated with a brand.

Every business concept described is supported by several anecdotes, from different parts of the world. This helps you avoid the thinking trap "Of course, this perfectly works in US, but my country is another story...."

It is impregnated with the drive for perfection. This concept of being the best ever is repeating all over again so intensively, that it becomes contagious to the reader.

In fact, when reading how well Ritz-Carlton is doing things, I caught myself several times thinking- "This sounds like a fairy tale, it is too good to be truth". But the understanding that this is a non-fiction book, makes you happy that reality can be so Fantastic.

If you are an entrepreneur, building up your dream- read this book as a benchmark.
If you are a manager- implement the practices to make your company more successful in the long run
If you are an employee, this may be a nice idea for a present to your manager ;)

P.S. Many thanks to Alex for the strong information impulse. May it have an impressive impact!